It's odd that the fantasy football schedule is so busy at the moment, yet I feel so disconnected from it. Being at home, and not sitting at a computer for nine hours a day means I'm not plugged in to every story, rumour and gossip that comes across the wires. With family commitments and the chance to take a four-hour bike ride up the coast yesterday, I missed the big Boxing Day fixtures as well as any chance to pick up players on the Barn Door.

But because the schedule is so packed, there's every opportunity to get back into the swing of things.  Today is the big Chelsea-Arsenal clash.  I'll be watching the returns (most likely) of Robin van Persie and Frank Lampard as they are highly under-valued in the fantasy game compared to their historical pricing.

Then the next round of matches starts up tomorrow, so don't forget to set your team.  We'll be looking at the team news and trying to bring you any information.  But just remember that with two matches in as many days for teams there is always the risk of rotation.  And unannounced rest and rotation at that.

For what it's worth, my squad at the moment (subject to change) is:


Kolarov Coleman Jara

Van Der Vaart Nani Brunt* Pennant Tchoyi Lampard***

Torres Saha** Welbeck

* Brunt is suspended, and near cost, so he's unlikely to stay in the team long.
**  Read my thoughts below.
*** Over-thinking Arsenal in the comment below.


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    The thing I'm most afraid of is a postponement being decided tomorrow morning. I was at school when it was announced that the Everton match is postponed and fortunately I noticed it close to the deadline and dropped Coleman for Kompany (though only half a point earned...).
    But with the weather in England improving it seems to me there won't be many problems.

    My team:

    Kolarov Shawcross Jara
    VDV Barton Lampard Etherington
    Elmander CCole Tevez

    I like it, actually. My only doubts are CCole, who doesn't score well usually, and Elmander, who now face Chelsea and Liverpool away from home. But the former looked good yesterday and he's cheap and playing at home, while the latter has served me well for the last 6 weeks and the two "big teams" mention above are hardly solid at the back recently. So I'm likely to stay with this team.



  2. Reina is definitely the keeper to have this week-- I'd clearly stay away from PRobbo. West Brom actually generated a lot of very good chances in their last match- I think they'll light up a poor B'Burn side at home.

    Both Liverpool and Everton have very good match ups midweek, and little risk of rotation since their matches on the weekend were postponed. I'm thinking of taking 3 players from each squad in my team.

  3. Jim, I agree on PRobbo but am pinching pennies to afford attackers.

  4. I've hit the BD with bang and gone all "celebrity" from middie forward... carson, kolarov, hutton, ferreira (debatable), VdV, Fabregas, Lamps, Nani, Silva, Rooney, RvP.

    Is carson not a better choice than PRobbo? It's why I've decided to go there, even if they do concede fairly regularly!?

  5. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Any word on Cahill's status for the match against West Ham? He will be joining the Austrailian team for January, but will he be with everton tomorrow?

  6. Is Fabregas suspended for Thursday?

  7. Anonymous11:03 PM

    my team:

    kolorav salcido bosingwa
    nani lampard vdv barton gerrard
    ccole caroll


    now thinking nani+reina or hart+rooney.
    or reina + rooney and upgrade ccole
    which one better?

  8. Cahill will play against West Ham and Stoke before leaving. And in fact, I expect to see Cahill and Fellaini leading Everton's attack tomorrow. I don't think Moyes trusts Saha or Beckford right now and on the road, even against West Ham, caution could be the name of the gam.

  9. rooney nasri


    torres lampard

    any advice

  10. As for Fabregas, it looks like he's going to miss Wigan with his fifth yellow picked up against Chelsea. I'm not 100% on that, however. He did leave the match with a knock on his foot or ankle, so he's possibly a doubt, regardless.

    At forward, I would expect to see ChamWow come back into the team at the expense of Van Persie. Hoever, RVP could drop into midfield.

    Walcott could make way for Arshavin. I would think Nasri's spot would be the safest, but that's me guessing and possibly being hopeful as I've bought him after his show against CHE today.

  11. Great site - well done with the updates. :)

  12. farri4:24 AM

    robbo or carson?
    D.Silva or YayaToure?

  13. Sir Hassanein5:06 AM

    Collins or Hutton?

    what do u think about R Fuller ?

    Silva / Toure/ Anderson / Modirc ?

    please reply ASAP...i m under stress :S

  14. Anonymous5:22 AM

    modric ftw

  15. Anonymous5:33 AM

    I think it's fair to say that D. Silva has been disappointing thus far - reputation prob exceeds his fantasy value. Don't think it'll change anytime soon..

  16. in all fairness to silva, when players get played out of position they tend not to be solid performers. in la liga, silva played in the left side of a 4-4-2 midfield. at city they push him out wider or in the center more.
    do you guys remember how bad a season philipe melo and diego had last year, well both were newcomers on a team that was average, but they were played out of position. diego was sold and is thriving in germany where he is the focal point of the midfield. melo stayed, is still playing in his new position but has learned and is now playing really well.
    kuyt and babel are examples for liverpool of players playing out of position.
    one player who should be getting more accolades for performing well, playing in a new position is chamakh. at bordeaux, he played in a 4-4-2, with gourcuff feeding him deliteful balls to score with. here, he has to play as the lone striker in a 4-2-3-1. he has really helped the team with his holding play, his linking up, his passing and his headed goals.

  17. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Don't mention Kuyt and Babel they're shy+e

  18. threesticks9:49 PM

    I feel your pain my friend. What happened to Onuoha? T Cahill, Park among other leave for Asia Cup. Any thoughts? Enlightments for the masses? Love the blog. Keep adding value. Thx