Blackpool vs. ManYoo in Question

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Click on the link for the full story but the quick summary is that there is some chance that ManYoo's match with Blackpool will have to be postponed this Sunday.  Talk about a potential fantasy mess.  With lots of people having Berbs at a discount, Nani at a fairly high price, and potentially counting on expensive acquisitions like EvdS, Rafael, or Rooney as well we all have to decide how much of our respective budgets we want to risk on a match that may or may not happen.  Hopefully, there will be news well in advance of the deadline but I wouldn't count on it as I'm sure they'll continue to try to make the field playable until the very last minute that they can. 

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  1. MPFC/KPM3:49 PM

    I would hope that if I set the alarm for 5:30AM CDT on Saturday that information on whether the ManU/Blackpool game is on or not is available.

    From what I can tell the game will start at 11:30AM CDT so wouldn't they have to call it before then just for logistical reasons?