Injuries and Suspensions

Sorry for the quick post but it's a busy Friday and, as it turns out, there also isn't a lot to report on.  Here are the quick highlights:

  • Gerrard seems likely - Woy isn't committing 100% but the tone of all of the conversations make it seem likely that Gerrard will return.  The problem here is that the uncertainty kills the value of both Gerrard (because he might not play) and Meireles (because we're guessing his value drops if Gerrard does play).  Good thing there are lots of available midfielders in the same price range.
  • VDV possible - Again, nothing definitive but it looks like VDV is in contention.  My guess is that he gets between 20 and 60 minutes.
  • Arsenal mostly healthy - The goalkeeper situation seems a bit up in the air but I'm guessing Szczesny will get the start.  Otherwise, the attacking positions will be in a huge amount of flux with Fab4 and RvP available again.  My guess is Song, Cesc, Nasri, Arsh, Chamakh, RvP but with Theo, Rosicky, Wilshere, etc. all available I'd be very careful about hitching your wagon to Arsenal attackers.
  • Lamps back - We talked about this in TWA - tough few matches to bring him into your squad for but we'll be sitting ready on the BD if it looks like he's back to his best. 
  • Odemwingie out - Tchoyi likely deputizes making him a great value. 
  • Adam is suspended - Just a reminder.
No news yet on Citeh which is of course what everyone wants to know about.  The evils of Monday Night Football.  See you tomorrow for the Live Chat starting with the early kickoff.


  1. anyone able to confirm if boateng will sit to rest.

  2. Blackpool match in doubt according BBC website

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Yo, Where is the Egypt Speaks dude? I want his opinion on TWA

  4. Anonymous11:03 PM

    which matched have highest possibility to be postponed?

  5. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Wigan vs Aston Villa - Postponed due to snow. This is confirmed.
    It has been declared unplayable despite undersoil heating.

  6. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Liverpool vs Fulham also confirmed Postponed

  7. Wigan vs Aston Villa
    Wigan vs Aston Villa
    Arsenal vs Stoke
    Birmingham vs Newcastle

    all posponed