Y!FF Rules Update

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From the Fantasist's live chat today:

[Comment From M ]
"As far as points for all the postponed matches go, word from Yahoo! HQ is that these will be automatically added to your scores for this gameweek once the matches are finally played. Confirmation of this should follow soon. "
[Comment From Pablo ]
What's happening with the postponed matches? Have the rules changed?
This is what I was led to believe by someone at Yahoo! yesterday, which did seem odd. Still waiting for said confirmation. Can only apologise. It's as frustrating here as it is for you guys.
Appreciate that may not be a totally satisfactory reply, but just repeating what I'm told.

So there you have it... sort of.

Also I found this amusing:

[Comment From Gazza77 ]
Do you think RVP RVD STEVIE G AND Mancienne will play?
Wow, VdV, RvP, Stevie G... there are a lot cool nicknames in the Prem these days!

We feel partly - if not mostly - responsible for the nickname thing. Regardless of how true that is, things like "Who is K2?" have become such a big and fun part of the blog... and now the larger Y!FF universe.


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Don't you think this rule change is remarkably myopic? What if all the players that I picked have all picked up injuries or disappeared in the January transfer window by the time these fixtures are rescheduled? Idiots.

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    BTW...my disdain is aimed at them, not you. You have always done and continue to do a great job! Excellent writing and good info :)

  3. Hi Jeremy - I find it really worrying that the guys who write the official blog had not been told the exact rules by Yahoo HQ! Did you have good comms with Yahoo HQ when you & Neal were writing the blog or was it just as tough to find information?

  4. Our contacts were minimal, but we'll see what we can learn.

  5. Birty3:39 PM

    the nicknames are great although no one seems to be using Odemgoal which I came up with all on my own!

  6. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Do I detect a problem whereby the systems twits have boxed themselves in and are attempting a game changer to save their butts?

    If, indeed the points have to be awarded for week 18, etc., then at least allow us to update the teams before the games are played.

    Chelsea vs Manchester United is rescheduled for March 1st. Who will be left standing?

    What started as a game of skill has degenerated into a lottery.