Huddlestone blow for Spurs

Tottenham have been rocked by the news that has suffered ankle ligament damage.

Huddlestone picked up the problem when he was challenged by John Heitinga during Spurs' 2-1 victory over Everton on Sunday.

The midfielder could not complete the match and left White Hart Lane in a protective boot.

The extent of the injury has now become more clear and Huddlestone will next consult a specialist as he faces up to a period on the sidelines.
I just realized why 'Arry recalled Jake Livermore from loan and not Jamie O'Hara.  He's going to move Modric infield and play Bale on the left wing!

I'm doomed.

The crazy thing is that, if this is true, Bale would be 11.47 well spent.  I'd just be competing with everyone who has him at 2-something.  Which, it looks like I'll be doing regardless.  That's like gifting your opponents another player of the Jarvis/Lee/Bullard caliber in ADDITION to the ten points per week Bale is likely to put up over and above any defender in that spot.

I'm doomed.

Mike, Neal... save this link for future reference.


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Golden rule.

    Always wait till last before letting go of super discounted players.
    vermalean came close when injured
    drogba during african cup
    and bale becomes one

    wait till friday or saturday for such decisions.

  2. When the injury report on Vermaelen came out, I clicked 'Sell at 6.02' but then decided to wait to see how long he would be out. The week that Vermaelen was hurt to the week after, his percentage owned dropped from 39 to 31. And I suspect a lot of those teams that own him are the ones that aren't playing anymore.

    As for Bale, his weeks off or the rumors of BAE coming back haven't even made me consider dropping him at 2.80. His percentage of teams owned is actually climbing despite his high price but is still only at 7%.

    I'm a proud owner of both of them and combined they only cost me 8.82. For that price these days, you could get Kanu and Bikey.

  3. Harry8:21 AM

    Is this purely your thoughts or is there a reputable source to go with?

  4. Can't it be both things?

    Just my thoughts, but you have to admit... it makes a lot of sense.

  5. Harry9:59 AM

    Yea but this has just completely changed my plans for the final run-in of the season, so i would of preferred if it were official ;) Thanks though, this could be a vital bit of information.

  6. @ Jeremy - I'll try to soothe your wounds, mate... KRANJCAR!!! I know he didn't play quite the amount of time he'd have liked but, he is been, imo, an integral part of this T'ham hope of CL-spot. So, even if Modric is to move back to the middle of the park, it still leaves 4 players to compete for 2 wide-positions: Kranjc,Bentley,Lennon(I know, I know...maybe after 6 weeks) and Bale. With Bentley having secured the right-wing, ultimately, it is Bale vs Kranjc... And, imHo, Kranjc will get the nod. Mind you, I hold Bale @2.54 and I am NOT even thinking about offloading him. He'll stay as an impact player, if THIS is the case.

    Funny...Now, that I'm writing this, I think I'd be better off if Bale keeps his LB spot for a while, and make BAE earn his way back to the team!!!

    May it last long...!!!


  7. Oh Jeremy I certainly hope you're right about Bale possibly playing on the left wing as I dropped Rooney, Drogba and Vermaelen on big discount a while back...Bale may just be my last hope, and I won't be making the same mistake with him. Too bad for Tottenham because I really like THudd, he's a promising youngster with a hell of a kick. I also like him fantasy wise and will miss him for the time being.

    Anybody have an estimated timing as to Lennon's revivement, if that's a word :)-, from injury?

    My team thus far(pending injuries and news)...

    Bale/Hutton/Fox(just going with everyone else)
    Lee CY/Nani/Rodwell/Pienaar

    I'm looking to bring in Diaby, anyone know if he'll play, and someone else for Pienaar/Rodwell. The rest of my team I like. Care to contribute with your great comments? Much appreciated.

  8. @Fidan: There is actually no competition between Kranjcar and Bale for the wide positions.

    Bale may play in midfield ONLY if Modric is moved to CM AND Bentley doesn't start. If Bentley is healthy, Bale will remain at LB.

    - If Harry plays Modric in CM, Kranjcar will play in LW, Bentley in RW and Bale in LB.
    - If Harry plays someone else in CM, either Kranjcar or Modric will play in LW, Bentley in RW and Bale in LB.

    However, Bentley is now injured with a tear to his groin. There is no update on this or his expected date of return yet, but I figure it could be up to 4 weeks (just speculating).

    If that is the case, Kranjcar seems likely to start on the RW. So, in Bentley's absence...

    - If Harry plays Modric in CM, Kranjcar will play in RW, Bale may play LW and BAE in LB.
    - If Harry plays someone else in CM, Kranjcar will play in RW, Modric in LW and Bale in LB. (BAE on the bench)

    Regardless, Bale will definitely play and after his superlative performance against Everton, I really don't see how BAE can displace him, barring an injury or a very costly defensive mistake.

    @Saul: Lennon needs 6 more weeks to return. Harry mentioned this on 28 Feb.,19528,11661_5997226,00.html

  9. What if BAE displaces Bale? I don't think it will happen anytime soon but it's possible. If Bale moves to LW then we can expect 20 pts from him, compared to his usual 14 pts with CS that is. I can't wait for him to get the LW position with Modric, Kranjcar and Palacios/Bentley taking the other midfield spots.

  10. Anonymous5:58 AM

    I have bale at 8.20 and with the points he has been getting I wasn't even thinking about getting rid of him until he loses his place for sure. So it looks like he is a keeper for now.


  11. Thought the same thing as soon as Huddlestones injury was confirmed Jeremy, Kranj right wing, bale on the left.

  12. no more Holden for us

  13. yeah, okay. so much for betting on bolton. what the hell am i going to do now?

  14. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Not sure why there's such a worry about dropping players on a discount. If you pick the right players on the right weeks you'll get the points. If you don't you won't.

    Take the current top two in the leader board. Number 1 hasn't hung on to any players. As soon as they're out, they're dropped. It's virtually a fresh team each week. I had to go back quite a few weeks to find Verm and Drogs in the team each week. Then they're dropped when they're missing. Verm continuing hasn't stopped them picking up the points to get to number 1.

    In contrast, number 2 in leaderboard has verm and bale, I presume at good discount, but every other player generally changes to fit the schedule.

    Suppose what I'm trying to suggest is that it may be best to pick the players that will get the points for each individual week, rather than hanging on to deadweight in the hope they'll pick up more in the following weeks. Risky either way I suppose, but do the rules not say to pick up players that will return their value?

    Only player I can think of that was really worth it to hang on to at discount was Henry. Think I remember him being over 30 to buy and the whole team needed gutted just to get him.

    If you missed him at the times he dropped in price, there was no chance of picking him up again, and he was usually only available at discount at the start of the season. If you dropped him, he really punished you the next week.

    In comparison, everyone else is dispensible! If they don't bring in the points, are they really worth having?