Zola Looks To Carlton Cole And Scott Parker

I just can't help thinking of this:
Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!
When reading this:
West Ham United manager Gianfranco Zola has called upon his star names Carlton Cole and Scott Parker to help his relegation threatened side to safety when they take on Wolverhampton Wanderers at Upton Park on Tuesday night.

Both English players were left out of West Ham's 2-0 loss to Arsenal at the weekend due to reported fitness reasons, and Zola will be left hoping for a reverse in fortunes for the pair.

"Cole has not been training much recently," Zola said, according to the Guardian.

"We had a game on Saturday and now another one on Tuesday so I couldn't think of playing him 90 minutes and 90 minutes.
It's silly, and probably a bit petty. I knew in picking CCole that the meat of the week was today's game at home to Wolves and that the Arsenal match was gravy. Still, I'm horribly bitter than he didn't start at the weekend and that he lost a point having hit the post with a shot. But today is another chance to set things right.

And yes, I know how it works out in the end for the Empire.


  1. Much like the second Death Star, I have a feeling West Ham could be defeated by a determined band of walking teddy bears.

    Lucky for them they only have to worry about Burnley, Hull and Pompey.

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    arrrghhh......vermaelen appeal rejected by FA...he should receive yellow instead of red card...

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I'm more concern about the 2 gamers, Fulham and Wigan.


  4. As Neal mentioned over the weekend, there likely there won't be two matches as Fulham play Wolfsburg in the Europa League on 4/1.

  5. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Thanks, Jeremy. So I have more BD options for the game of today and tomorrow. As of today I brought WHU:Diamanti into my team. I still have R.Green and J.Spector on my current lineup. Crossing my fingers for their clean sheet against Wolves.


  6. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Hammers 3 goals down at home now...


  7. I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when Hammers arrive

  8. Anfield Road FC6:42 PM

    I gambled on Robert Green... WHY OH WHY??!!!

  9. @Jim, comment of the week! Teddy bears, or seemingly any furry creatures.

    Good on Wolves for earning a vital four points from two tough road matches. They should be safe now with two spots for Hull, Burnley or West Ham.

    And WHU look to have the tougher fixtures.

  10. Chris Jones12:49 PM

    And will Neal FINALLY give grudging respect to the 'footballing outpost'. (Only joking Neal! ;))

  11. was waiting for your post, Chris! ;-)