Punch-up at Portsmouth

O'Hara turning the other cheek, but that was then.
Portsmouth's troubles boiled over on to the training ground on Monday when a practice match erupted into fisticuffs between midfielders Michael Brown and Jamie O'Hara.

With the cash-strapped club's future hanging in the balance this week, the tension was palpable at their Eastleigh training complex and Brown was making his presence known with over-zealous tackles.

But when he jumped in on O'Hara, the Tottenham loanee punched Brown to the ground. Team-mates rushed to break up the melee, with Brown coming off worst with a black eye.

One player said: 'It was all over pretty quickly. Brown had been flying in with a few challenges and he just caught O'Hara with a nasty one. It was a possible leg-breaker. O'Hara just snapped and punched him. He didn't take any messing.'
I came across this story while trying to find any evidence that O'Hara, and the other Pompey loanees, would have to go back to their parent clubs if Pompey do go into administration at the end of this week. Pompey play @Burnley and are reasonably attractive fantasy picks.  I've only found speculation about the loanee issue, nothing definitive.  However, it does sound like the tension is high on the South Coast.  Perhaps backing Burnley (Jensen, Eagles, Fletcher, etc) is the way to play it this weekend.

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  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Burnley is looking GREAT right now for the weekend. Loading up the truck...