The Barn Door Live - Feb 27

Here's my line-up...

Hilario, Verm, Bale, Hutton, Fab4, Gerrard, AJ, Maxi, Drogs, Bendtner, and Doyle

Please keep in mind as we discuss the BD that Chelsea, Villa, Citeh, Fulham, Spurs, and Rovers are all off next week. Burnley and Bolton have two matches. Arsenal has a great home match-up (Burnley) and ManYoo and Liverpool have great road match-ups (Wolves and Wigan respectively).

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  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Quite sometime ago, this was a hot topic. let me revisit this again since its been 5 games since then.
    The Cesc Analysis:
    "5,7.5,7.5(2GP),13.5" ~ 5Gs-33.5, a paltry of 6.7pts/G. Not only so. Arsenal was sent out of the FA Cup during this time, coupling that with a not impressive game against Porto. Back then, he was said to be the best midfielder at that time, certainly it wasn't the case now. As it was, if you had ditch him back then, you may find a better player easily with more funds to play around with. As for his leadership, certainly he did "lead" against liverpool, with his left hand i mean, denying a goal scoring opportunity from gerrard's free kick. the offence could be a second yellow, thus a red for cesc, ruling him out against SUN.

  2. Anonymous7:53 AM

    moving on to
    the drogba analysis:
    This is for those had him at 10.66. With the up coming no-game[chelsea], lets assume a health 15pts for this week.
    total pts~386.5 total games(with no game)~28
    ave~13.80pts per game. Are you able to find one player that cost <10.66 that score >13.8 ? if you do, you certainly DO NOT need drogba. what had those that hold on to drogba 'lose'? some double game worth of points. example, it is said that for the next week fixtures, there will be some double game teams. that will hurt, especially when drogba’s not playing.

  3. stuart holden @7.3 for next week. thoughts? he had a nice debut...

  4. - I am one of those with Drogs at 10.66. Decison was made to keep him at ACN for a potential loss of 4 games. So a week without playing is fine by me. Cause when he DOES play, the ball is in the back of the net. I equate it to similarily to Bale. at 2.65, if he doesn't play a week because of BAE(not looking like it so far...) I'll take a zero and potentially get 10-15 the next week.
    - I didn't see Holden's game this week, but I saw him against Spurs in FA cup and he didn't do anything special nor did he have faults (getting used to Premier league) but I DO know he was golden in MLS fantasy.
    - That Hilario pick didn't pan out eh?! and we thought Cech was having a bad season... -9.50
    - Given/Hilario, Arteta/AJ, Torres/Doyle. Difference between mine and Neal's team.
    DG's don't excite me at all next week, don't envision myself trying hard to grab a few onto my team

  5. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Wow! Can't believe Given got 18 points after conceding two goals.


  6. Gavin1:33 PM

    Great week for me. 124 points to keep my 115+ point streak going. Decided against BDing Torres as I liked the rest of my team. Hope it doesn't come back to haunt me.

  7. - 145.50 for me this week. pretty happy. moved into 385th overall.
    - Hutton grabbing 11.50 while picking up a yellow! (and he's still 'cheap at 5 and change)
    - Given 10 saves! incredible!
    - Keeping an eye on Jummy who might be back very soon....