Early Doors

"So, how are we going to spend our time off?"

Big Four edition.

Giggs worry for United
Ryan Giggs has been sent for an X-ray on an arm injury he suffered at Aston Villa, sparking fears he could miss Manchester United's Champions League encounter with AC Milan on Tuesday.
Giggs injured himself in a clash with Steve Sidwell during the second half of United's 1-1 draw at Villa Park and immediately clutched his arm.
The veteran Welshman was replaced by Dimitar Berbatov and left the stadium with his right arm in a sling, with United boss Sir Alex Ferguson confirming the hospital appointment.
Between this injury and Nani's straight red card, and subsequent three match ban, United's wide midfielders pick themselves, don't they?  Anyone else thinking Valencia and Park for two games next week?

One thing which will cause extra concern for fans on top of tonight's loss was the early departure of Ashley Cole, who took a knock 10 minutes into the second half.
He was replaced by Michael Ballack while Yury Zhirkov moved into the left-back role. Wilkins informed us of the thump our number 3 sustained.
'He has taken quite a nasty knock. It wasn't a foul but it was a tough challenge and the force of the tackle has created a slight problem with his ankle.
'We will get back to Cobham and assess but hopefully it's not too bad.'
Chelsea's next league game is not until the 20th when they travel to Wolves so there is a lot of time for ACole to recover.  But if not, Zhirkov becomes a good if not great option.  He's cheap, but would take up a midfield spot.

Wenger: 'A little goal made a massive result'
Arshavin has a hamstring problem and Nasri had a knock on his head. He felt unwell and I didn't want to take a chance because it was his head. That's why I took him off. He wanted to stay on but he felt sick so I didn't want to take a chance. We have to make a scan on Arshavin tomorrow.
Arsenal have a very nice home match against Sunderland next so it will be worth monitoring their players.  It would be a blow for them to lose Arshavin, but if there is one thing they have in abundance is the small, crafty type.  It's Bendtner who is irreplaceable at the moment (well, and Song of course, but we're talking fantasy) and his relatively poor performance plus a harsh yellow card means he's good value against the Black Cats.


  1. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Hi JS,

    Any reason for not mentioning anybody from Liverpool ?

    In a big four edition, why not mention Liverpool ?

    Stevie G at least?


  2. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Liverpool aren't Big Four anymore - despite somehow being in 4th place.

  3. Anonymous4:49 AM

    The league table does not lie, Liverpool are still in the Big Four.

    When Nando is back and Stevie G fires, they will make a late charge like last year.


  4. Until Saha's 2nd goal yesterday I had the following thought: Lando is the best Everton player on the pitch. Discuss.

  5. Anonymous9:01 AM

    @ V so were spurs big four for the previous few months then when they were in 4th?

  6. i'm a reds fan, but the league table does lie. level 4th on points, but city have two matches in hand. that's not 4th.

    by the way, can we petition to add "opponents own goals" as a man utd player? i'd gladly snap him up for the double-game week. he's got 10 goals already this season!

  7. Sorry, meant to be a post here about Carragher's abductor as well. "Hopefully not too bad."

  8. Anonymous9:41 AM

    probably only big three now looking at the point gap.. lol..

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  10. richard_pitts_200010:39 AM

    Not so sure about Park as he didn't play last night and man u went to 4-2-3 when his natural position would be on the left of the 3. Carrick or Fletcher are better bets at the same price?

  11. @Joon : "opponents own goals" ..lol'ed . I'll be glad to pick him too

  12. I'm not sure about ManU's midfield at all. I have van der Sar, but can't afford Rooney. Maybe spend the money on a defender? Rafael or Evans?

    Another way to go would be to not try to pick the ManU winners and go with Villa home to Burnley or West Ham who have (an admittedly resurgent) Hull at home as well as any "bonus" points they could get at Old Trattford.

  13. I might go for the Berba. Underline might. It's one of those picks that makes fantasy sense (e.g. "I can't afford Rooney so I'll pick the other forward") but you know in your heart it will result in 8 points from 2 games. A lot of time to think on this one, fortunately.

  14. thoughts on Vidic return for double gamer ?

  15. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Duff or Milner....?

  16. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Do you guys know anything about Carragher? Will he play the next game versus City?

  17. Anonymous8:42 PM

    walcott anyone? cheap and potential starter if arsh & nasri stay out

  18. hey Neal, Jeremy
    can i get the Group ID and pw to join one of the beat the bloggers group please?


  19. Anonymous11:35 PM

    i've considered Walcott too.. he should start and attractive match up

  20. That's what we should discuss this week:

    I think Valencia wil play both games. But who do you think Fergusson will use on the other wing?
    I'm not sure about Park - There's also Obertan or he can fill it with one of the many mids: Anderson 5.52$ / Gibson7.66$ / Scholes4.60$/ Carrick8.8$ / Fletcher or even Evra.

    Who's your guy 4 the spot & why?

  21. Again about Manchester United (the double gamers)...
    I'm not sure about Berbatov either. I know he will play at least 1 game alongside Roo, but the bulgarian is not in form and there's also Owen, Welbeck & Diouf, all for 6$ only.

    Once again show us you know Fergusson head... Who will be the other player if Berbs don't start both games?

  22. Since we're talking about forwards...

    C.Cole/McCarthy/Mido/Ilan/Diamanti... 5 for 2 spots. Any guess?

  23. Nani is not in the "FA Suspended Players List". Will he be available for the 2nd game (against West Ham)???

  24. Anonymous3:24 PM

    @Danyel, Welbeck was loaded to SAF's son's new team.
    I believe Owen should be starting the West Ham game, and Diouf will probably get some mins as a sub.

    for the westham forwards... I think Diamanti would be deployed to the left wing with CCole definitely starting both games.

    Nani will be out for the double week and the Carling Cup Final against Villa.
    he would probably play a part in the Milan CL clash
    with Giggs and Nani out, i will assume Park get a start against Everton.
    Scholes will start the milan away game.

    my prediction is SAF play a 4-5-1 with Carrick-Fletcher-Anderson-Park-Valencia for Everton game

    and a 4-4-2 against West ham

    but yeah... only SAF knows what he's going to do.
    he might ask Giggs to put on a cast and play the milan match, u never know

    Chi (too lazy to log in)

  25. Anonymous3:24 PM

    i meant loaned*

  26. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Against the Milan match SAF has to field an experienced team so I'm guessing he's going for with...


    with Rooney the only forward...just watch, Fergusson likes 5 midfielders against strong oposition.

  27. Anonymous11:07 PM

    SAF will go with Nani for sure on the wing since he is suspended for EPL and Carling Cup.