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In an effort to make something positive out of a negative, I'm going to list myself as the first person on this list today.  In doing so, I at least get an opening paragraph for a column out of the fact that I came down with some sort of cold/flu on my birthday yesterday.  Happy birthday to me!  I fully expect to use this illness as an excuse if my picks for this weekend suck too but hopefully, there will be no need.

The link above will provide all the details but the major stories found inside are as follows:
  1. Dzeko uncertain - He's definitely in the squad but the speculation here is that he may not start.  Since the words don't come from the manager, I don't know how much credence to give them but it might make more sense to wait this one out on the BD.
  2. RSC deal complete - Not exactly injury or suspension news but important none-the-less especially given how poorly Chelsea have been playing.  I think I'll have him ready on the BD as well but I'm certainly thinking seriously about drafting him in straight away.
  3. Fabianski out - Szczesny is inexpensive and could represent value against bottom of the table WHU.  Obviously take the caveat that Arsenal's defense is a bit shorthanded and has been routinely making at least one major mistake per match that has resulted in a goal.  I expect a win and for Szczesny to return his value but probably not much more than that. (and yes, I had to look up the spelling - some Gooner I am)
  4. Rooney back - I think we all knew this was coming but worth mentioning anyway.
  5. Drogba uncertain - Yesterday saw headlines about Sturridge replacing Drogs in the starting line-up this weekend but the team news seemed to downplay/ignore those rumors.  With other cheap striker options (see RSC), I'd stay away from Sturridge due to the uncertainty. 
  6. Carroll still out - That's quite a thigh problem. 
  7. Heskey/AY suspended - Presumably what attacking Villa does will come from Albrighton, Downing, and Gabby.  Can Charlie Adam arrive soon enough? 
Those are the major stories likely to impact your fantasy line-up.  Enjoy the weekend and hopefully we'll resume Live Chats next weekend.


  1. Finally throwing in the towel on Drogs and Malouda....the risk reward has finally exhausted itself...question is do I now get back in the Russian roulette and try the Fab4/RvP combo.....decisions, decisions....

  2. Any news of Holden?

  3. with dann out, i am worried about birminghams defensive abilities. they might have a dip in form, which means all of us foster holders, are hoping for more shots then.

  4. Fred G5:09 PM

    With Carroll out again does that mean Best will start again for Newcastle ?

  5. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Any news on VDV and the flu??

  6. Aaron F8:09 PM

    I am also curious about Holden...

  7. Anonymous10:16 PM

    ameobi will start for NU

  8. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Did not read anything about VDV being sick....

    Holden news according to TheSun:
    "Gretar Steinsson (knee) and Stuart Holden (thigh) are both hoping to return but still rated doubtful by manager Owen Coyle. "


  9. Anonymous7:00 PM

    How much did Dzeko start at? He costs 10m on ESPN Premierfantasy now.

  10. the leon best instead of dzeko gamble only cost me 5.5 points, but i think it would have kept me even in the rankings. i finished with 90 and lost 400 spots too 1700th. i think i would have stayed put with 95.5.
    incidentally, dzekos 8 points would have been my third highest scorer after van persie and tevez.