Injuries and Suspensions

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As it turns out there isn't a lot of really meaningful news to be had:

  • Gerrard is suspended for the first of Liverpool's two matches this week but you knew that.
  • Wes Brown, John O'Shea, and Fabio are all potential replacements for Rafael who will only miss one of the two matches for ManYoo after being slapped on the wrist as a result of his FA charge rather than having an additional match added to the suspension.  No real reason to go in on any of those options since we really have NO idea which it might be AND if you're right it will only help you for one match.
  • RSC and Dzeko both look likely to start their matches this week - BD alert only unless you need a cheap option at forward.
  • Lamps seems like a pretty major injury doubt with a calf issue he picked up in training.
By the way, I clarified my stance on Nani for this week in the comments associated with TWA but probably worth adding them here since I know not everyone reads all the comments.  First off, Nani has been in my line-up (and I hope most of yours) for quite a while as he has continued to perform pretty regularly and as his price has risen steadily.  For everyone who has him at a discount, I fully expect that you will retain him.  For those who are thinking about buying THIS weekend, I'd be a little cautious.  His price is pretty high so you'd be taking on a lot of potential rotation risk.  I don't recommend him as highly as the others I listed in TWA but I can certainly see the logic both from a pure points acquisition standpoint and from a defensive standpoint (if others in my private league have him at a discount I'd better have him for his two-match week where two productive matches could set me back significantly).  I should have made this point in TWA and didn't - my apologies.  Maybe someone should pay me to do this fulltime so I could dedicate more of my time and mental energies to the cause rather than having to think about things like writing proposals and having conference calls related to my day job getting in the way :-)

Enjoy the matches this weekend, and please join us for the Live Chat which will be back and running after a brief hiatus.

Cheers - Neal


  1. neal, hush, don't use the phrases "rotation risk" and "nani" in the same sentence you will be asking for trouble.

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Is there any chance that with Marlon Harewood's return to fitness Taylor-Fletcher will lose his place on Bpool's starting line-up? If so I'll have to make some changes, so I'll appriciate any comment. I guess his great form might be a factor in keeping him at least for the Sunderland game...


  3. richard_pitts_20004:20 PM

    Chill Greginho,

    You haven't arrived until you have been flamed by an anonymous poster! :-D

    Anon- my view is GTF will play both as Marlon Harewood won't be risked vs ManYou.

  4. sariep6:41 PM

    i thought you've been paid for this blog. :p

  5. Anonymous2:01 AM

    43% of managers on fantasyfootballscout have picked Nani as their captain. No way is he a rotation risk. Go to hell greginho, Nani is the most popular pick this week.

  6. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Is a rotation risk cos you don't have him @ a discount and probably want others to drop him, pathetic. There are cheaper options that should score well, pick any of them and leave us with your Jeremy/Neal/Nik talk and comparison. You're always doing this.

  7. Anonymous4:44 AM

    I can't understand attacks against greginho. He's just stating an opinion which sounds legit to me. Everybody may be a rotation risk. You never know. I think the annoying one is the one who tells us to srop torress because he's suspended for one game. Stating a possibility vs bending the fact.

  8. Anonymous5:14 AM

    I tried to mess a bit with this team, but only got to worse results :(

    Kolarov Ferdinand Walker Agger
    VDV Nani Adam
    Rooney Taylor-Fletcher Dembele

    I think it has a good chance to do well for me, but that's only a chance.



  9. my team is
    ben foster
    crainey, rio, caldwell
    van der vaart, walcott, nani, dempsey
    van persie, taylor-fletcher, dembele
    i was worried about andrew johnson being a risk to not start so i switched to dembele who certainly will not be as sharp as aj was.
    i am going for a gamble that walcott is going on a scoring streak like the beginning of the season, so i wanted him at $12, in case he does go off. i would have put albrighton in his place, so we will see how many points i would have lost this week.