Barn Door (Almost) Live

How can I afford myself in fantasy? How can I afford not to?

Jeremy Spitzberg: what have I missed?
Neal Thurman: no Rooney :-( but Nani in and with an assist
Neal Thurman: Chicharito goal
Neal Thurman: Brum goal from Hleb
Neal Thurman: WBA lost another defender to injury (Cech)
Jeremy Spitzberg: and thus the barn door conundrums begin

Neal Thurman: Philips started for BPL - probably should have started him
Neal Thurman: otherwise, pretty typical midweek crap - sadly THIS is the week I reacquire access to ESPN3
Neal Thurman: GRR - Davies for FUL
Neal Thurman: beautiful long range strike
Neal Thurman: Etuhu fouled a WBA player to win the ball back
Neal Thurman: Carson should have had that
Jeremy Spitzberg: carson sucks
Neal Thurman: hopefully WBA pick him up and score in the 2nd half to at least keep things even
Jeremy Spitzberg: unless it's Jara...
Jeremy Spitzberg: no thanks
Jeremy Spitzberg: phillps with 2 sot
Jeremy Spitzberg: gtf with 1
Jeremy Spitzberg: adam with a couple of sc
Jeremy Spitzberg: now, how to afford nani
Jeremy Spitzberg: down to 17 for the moment
Jeremy Spitzberg: need to gut
Neal Thurman: tough call
Jeremy Spitzberg: gerrard/torres for nani/?
Neal Thurman: Philips - another two-gamer coming up soon no?
Jeremy Spitzberg: need dzeko!
Neal Thurman: :-)
Jeremy Spitzberg: keep gt-f @wba?
Neal Thurman: throw in Philips as a placeholder to acquire Nani and then move Philips to Dzeko when he's ready
Neal Thurman: if WBA keep losing defenders, why not?
Neal Thurman: they're down 6
Neal Thurman: or so say the announcers
Jeremy Spitzberg: odemwingie?
Neal Thurman: his price is reasonable after the PK miss
Jeremy Spitzberg: and hosting blackpool ;-)
Jeremy Spitzberg: so torres/gerrard to odem/nani
Jeremy Spitzberg: *
Neal Thurman: although based on this showing - keeping BPL players seems the better move - WBA are making FUL look competent going forwrad
Jeremy Spitzberg: maybe adam johnson
Jeremy Spitzberg: hosting wolves
Jeremy Spitzberg: if silva still out
Neal Thurman: not a bad idea - ARS lucking out with Silva and Balotelli both missing for tomorrow
Jeremy Spitzberg: leaning towards getting odem, based on the 2nd half we'll see
Jeremy Spitzberg: but possibly move to AJ (or something) tomorrow
Neal Thurman: certainly no reason to rush on Odem's part thus far :-0
Jeremy Spitzberg: 1 sot, as far as i can tell
Neal Thurman: maybe
Jeremy Spitzberg: just have to hope nani stays quiet in the 2nd half
Neal Thurman: grr
Neal Thurman: brace baby ;-)
Jeremy Spitzberg: maybe reina to stockdale too
Jeremy Spitzberg: maybe not
Jeremy Spitzberg: ful have @wig, stoke then @liv
Neal Thurman: yeah - not a ton of points likely there
Jeremy Spitzberg: liv have eve, @wolves, ful
Neal Thurman: solid but not spectacular schedule
Jeremy Spitzberg: and it doesn't look like the carson for a buck option will be being closed off
Neal Thurman: mostly due to not knowing what the hell is going on with LIV
Neal Thurman: no, it will likely not be closed off
Jeremy Spitzberg: duff back to fantasy relevance?
Neal Thurman: price?
Jeremy Spitzberg: 8.13
Neal Thurman: would be much more interested at 7ish
Neal Thurman: he does still play for FUL :-)
Jeremy Spitzberg: dorrans vulturing brunt's pts
Neal Thurman: Dorrans looking much better
Neal Thurman: apparently he was having some personal problems in the first half of the season (according to someone on the Live Chat this past weekend)
Neal Thurman: who scored for Stoke?
Neal Thurman: regardless, good times :-)
Jeremy Spitzberg: Whitehead
Neal Thurman: nice
Jeremy Spitzberg: from tuncay
Neal Thurman: no one getting any fantasy points there :-)
Jeremy Spitzberg: no pts is
Jeremy Spitzberg: adam sot
Jeremy Spitzberg: grr
Neal Thurman: yay
Neal Thurman: maybe he's coming back from the dead
Neal Thurman: the 5 it seems like he probably has is already more than I was expecting from one match
Jeremy Spitzberg: blackpool/brm seems surprisingly open
Jeremy Spitzberg: (from the text)
Neal Thurman: excellent I guess
Neal Thurman: nice shot from Duff goes just wide
Jeremy Spitzberg: nani cw
Jeremy Spitzberg: foster yc. odd
Neal Thurman: sigh - Hangeland w/ FUL's second
Neal Thurman: goalkeeping disaster
Neal Thurman: maybe it was Dempsey
Neal Thurman: hard to tell
Jeremy Spitzberg: you're too depressed to even put that in a hash tag
Neal Thurman: pretty much
Neal Thurman: looks like Dempsey
Neal Thurman: who is sporting a nice black eye
Jeremy Spitzberg: bbc gives it to demps
Jeremy Spitzberg: from davies
Neal Thurman: sigh
Jeremy Spitzberg: making a barn door case for himself
Neal Thurman: Davies?
Neal Thurman: Nani!!!!
Jeremy Spitzberg: yes
Jeremy Spitzberg: nani?
Jeremy Spitzberg: shit
Neal Thurman: yup
Jeremy Spitzberg: rats
Jeremy Spitzberg: damn
Jeremy Spitzberg: crap
Jeremy Spitzberg: sigh
Neal Thurman: if ManYoo are going to score, I need it to be him to rescue me from the Carson sh!tshow
Jeremy Spitzberg: Cameron Jerome has an effort at goal from deep inside the penalty area that bounces off the post.
Neal Thurman: that seems hard to do
Jeremy Spitzberg: don't try it at home
Neal Thurman: heh
Neal Thurman: oh good lord - 3-0 (Hangeland for real this time)
Jeremy Spitzberg: i take no pleasure in this
Jeremy Spitzberg: well...
Jeremy Spitzberg: if nani weren't killing it, maybe
Neal Thurman: Hangeland just FLEW in unmarked at the back post on a corner - not sure there was anyone even thinking about marking him
Jeremy Spitzberg: Davies again?
Neal Thurman: probably
Neal Thurman: was actually doing work when the corner was taken
Jeremy Spitzberg: yup
Jeremy Spitzberg: ok, he's in
Neal Thurman: based on this performance, I'd go "all in" on BPL
Neal Thurman: I don't think it's that FUL is good but rather WBA are bad
Jeremy Spitzberg: ha
Neal Thurman: DJ Campbell for BPL
Neal Thurman: come on Adam assist :-)
Neal Thurman: nope, T-F assist grr
Jeremy Spitzberg: The assist for the goal came from Gary Taylor-Fletcher.
Jeremy Spitzberg: !!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
Jeremy Spitzberg: gym tan football!!!!!
Neal Thurman: HA
Jeremy Spitzberg: and that's all from gtf
Jeremy Spitzberg: but worth the price of admission
Neal Thurman: :-)
Neal Thurman: still plenty of time for an Adam winner ;-)
Neal Thurman: Jason Euell is still alive?
Jeremy Spitzberg: clearly
Jeremy Spitzberg: and kudos to him
Jeremy Spitzberg: for, you know...
Jeremy Spitzberg: being alive
Jeremy Spitzberg: and all
Neal Thurman: and for an almost immediate SOT
Neal Thurman: #SignOfLife
Neal Thurman: Stoke going to get another AntiFergieTime goal to take two points from ManYoo?
Jeremy Spitzberg: and rob nani of gwg points
Jeremy Spitzberg: sorry, mwg
Jeremy Spitzberg: i'm all for it
Neal Thurman: I'd give up those points in a second ;-)
Neal Thurman: wow, Jason Euell AND Brett Ormerod on the same pitch at the same time in the Prem in 2011
Jeremy Spitzberg: and not scoring
Jeremy Spitzberg: go figure
Neal Thurman: but seemingly bossing the play
Jeremy Spitzberg: Effort from just inside the area by Charlie Adam hits the post.
Jeremy Spitzberg: #phew
Neal Thurman: #grr
Jeremy Spitzberg: c'mon... obertan on for nani please
Jeremy Spitzberg: #domeasolid
Neal Thurman: If we're talking about solids, I need either a Stoke goal or a 2nd from Nani
Jeremy Spitzberg: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Neal Thurman: HA - depends on which one happnes
Neal Thurman: happens
Neal Thurman: wow, FUL goes to 13th if they win? #bunching
Jeremy Spitzberg: 6% of teams had carson 2 weeks ago
Jeremy Spitzberg: home to blackburn
Jeremy Spitzberg: 2% last weekend against ManU
Jeremy Spitzberg: will be interested to see how many got back on the bandwagon
Neal Thurman: just find a satellite and count the tears ;-)
Neal Thurman: cheap save from Carson!
Jeremy Spitzberg: lol
Jeremy Spitzberg: pts is
Neal Thurman: Dempsey did me a solid and chipped one right into his gut
Neal Thurman: Eddie Johnson sighting
Jeremy Spitzberg: see Euell, Jason
Neal Thurman: on for Dempsey #ConservationOfAmericansPrinciple
Jeremy Spitzberg: lol
Neal Thurman: Dann for BRM
Jeremy Spitzberg: anyone bet on Blackpool D?
Neal Thurman: SOT/CW from Odem
Jeremy Spitzberg: Kingson too 'spensive, I assume
Neal Thurman: I'd think
Jeremy Spitzberg: Dann from Johnson
Jeremy Spitzberg: #partnership
Neal Thurman: sad when the defenders feel they have to do all the attacking work as well
Neal Thurman: come on Nani
Jeremy Spitzberg: come off, Nani
Jeremy Spitzberg: 90:00+1:29 Luis Nani produces a cross.
Neal Thurman: HA
Neal Thurman: Odem w a YC late
Neal Thurman: looking for all the world like he's lost his Mojo
Neal Thurman: BRM and FUL out of the relegation zone - welcome back WHU and WIG
Neal Thurman: FT at OT
Jeremy Spitzberg: welcome back, nani
Neal Thurman: yes indeed :-)
Neal Thurman: FT at BPL
Neal Thurman: FT at FUL
Jeremy Spitzberg: no complaints, i guess
Jeremy Spitzberg: figure more will have carson than nani
Neal Thurman: some up and some down for me today - hopefully, I'll at least get 2 or 3 saves from Carson - I think there were a couple early - won't bring him into the black but won't be TOO tragic for 1.09
Jeremy Spitzberg: and gtf pts is pts
Neal Thurman: hopefully Adam is back to his early-season phantom point ways


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    i just brought nani at 17 this morning (asia time)
    got 29 point from 3 blackpool defend, adam, varney and big disappointing from brunt this week.. BD Arsenal and Man city player for coming next week.

  2. richard_pitts_20007:28 AM

    Got 25 from Crainey, Adam and Varney so far. Better than two weeks ago already :-D Barndoored Stockdale, Nani and Chico.

    Two thoughts: Is Rooney actually going to get back in the team? Don't think Oor Fergie will have forgotten his outburst and it never pays to cross him. Other - If Liverpool win their two games and Tottenham slip up I think they could be as high as 6th and closing in on free-falling Chelski. That depends on Liverpool winning of course...

  3. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Who plays for Arsenal as a replacement for Sagna?