Andy Carroll mobbed as he arrives

New Liverpool FC record signing Andy Carroll mobbed as he arrives at Melwood (GALLERY) - News - Liverpool FC - Liverpool Echo

This is such a classic image. The thumbs up to the mob outside the car - and Lord knows Carroll has had trouble with mobs and his cars before. The lawyer/agent/suit with pen out and lower lip being bitten in concentration, editing terms directly on what was surely faxed to him moments ago.

There is so much to pick over.  We'll have instant reactions soon and more to follow.


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    poor man's duncan ferguson

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  3. actually, funny that Beattie and Carroll should move in the same daty. Not that long ago that Beattie had that terrific run of 2 months and cashed in for s'hampton, I believe. Hope he can deliver for more than a few weeks.

  4. suarez (punk) and carroll (thug), on the same day? both great players, but this is sickening. i'm about ready to renounce liverpool.

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