Rooney misses Stoke match?

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Sir Alex Ferguson said he feared a two-week lay-off for his striker but Rooney, who limped back on to the pitch to help United see out the game after all three substitutes had been used, has told friends he expects to miss only one match.


  1. Anonymous11:47 PM

    I dropped Rooney during the match, there's no way he was going to come back within 3 days after what i felt was a bad knock.

  2. Birty1:45 AM

    Next United game of significance is on th 16th I reckon he'll be back for that and the discount is too good to drop a player who should be getting 20+ every game

  3. drop him..huhu..van persie was perfect selection..he's getting better and better and the important thing he's well fit..

  4. Anonymous3:58 AM

    its depend on how SAF play him..and depend on berbatov form also..

  5. Anonymous4:45 AM

    My only problem with Rooney is the injury, Berbatovs form not withstanding, Rooney will get more games if he's fit.