Wilshere injury blow for Gunners | News

Wilshere injury blow for Gunners | News:

Well, I guess we know how Arteta's playing time is going to look for at least the next three months. Looks like the big question is how Ramsey and Benayoun divide the time next to the Spaniard. It is definitely going to be an interesting few months until January for Arsenal.

And to those people who worried for the last few weeks that Wilshere might become this year's Vermaelen, it is looking like your worries are about halfway to coming true.


*Fingers Crossed*


  1. To be honest, it looks like Verm is going to be this year's Verm ...

    Some of the papers are reporting that he picked up an Achilles injury against Udinese,that he has already had an operation, and is out for two months.

    As Neal said, *Gulp*

  2. so this goes back to why wenger did not buy cahill and mertesacker. with vermaelen out as well as wilshere, it will be tough.

    never been this depressed about the gunners before the season really gets going. i think it might be time to let wenger go now, because, no matter what, this team will need to be rebuilt and wenger said this might be his last year. let him go now and bring in someone, who will be here in 3 years when this team gets back to a high level.

    i am a wenger fan, but his time might have passed by. what he did for cesc is really endearing, getting the price lowered to let him go is nice for cesc but not for arsenal. losing nasri is good business, but he did not spend anywhere near the amount of money needed to rebuild the midfield. nasri, cesc, wilshere and ramsay are all trained by arsene. that is a great quality, but he does not have 2 of these people at every position like the big, heavily, indebted teams that stand in his way to winning titles. city, united, chelsea and pool are all spending ridiculous amounts of money on players and wenger is not able to overpay.

    that training staff needs to be replaced to. the fitness coaches are ruining the game and it is the worst at arsenal.

    remember missing out on champions league will have a huge effect on the finances of this team. wenger has never missed out, so they have alway that chunk of change.

  3. Anonymous3:50 PM

    and who do you suggest to replace him greginho? do you think other manager can emulate or beat what wenger did? trust me, its hard to find a replacement.. (ask chelsea!) just stop moaning and get on with it..

    although sometimes i wonder why the hell the players always injured, its not really the medical team faults.. read this http://anotherarsenalblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/interlull-and-expert-take-on-our.html

  4. dear anonymous
    i have never called for wenger's removal. i had always thought that arsene would be the manager, at arsenal. lately though, he is a different person. since he hinted that this could be his last year, he does not seem to be into and it looks to me, that the team is picking up on it. also his inflexability to have more than one lineup is a major problem. the 4-3-3 is not helping arsenal at all. if they had played a 4-4-2, both bendtner and chamakh would have produced and walcott would have thrived with more than one person to pass to in the box. nasri may not have left either. arhsavin had always played a 4-4-2 for national team and club. arshavin is not suited for a wide play of the 4-3-3.

    i have no idea, who could do this. people have said that guardiola could, because the teams have similar styles, but the team that pep took over had world class players everywhere. he did not build them from scratch. he has brought along some of the youngsters, like pedro, busquets, and now there are two more, but has also driven away bojan. guardiola would have just one world class player in van persie to work with.

    see if anyone has a suggestion. i know that the current coach at grampus eight, has claimed he is the successor to wenger, i forget his name.

    the issue that keeps running through my head is rafa at liverpool. do we want arsenal to go through the same thing. to become an average team to 2 or 3 years, just playing for the europa league, then realize that wenger is not right anymore, or do we be proactive. look at pool now, they have a great coach, they have assembled a deadly midfield and strikeforce. so do we want arsenal to go down for 2 or 3 years because we are afraid that there are no coaches that are right or take the steps necessary now.