Week 7 Barn Door Team

I have three different options for you to choose from this week.  Please vote in the comments below.

First there is the real Barn Door team, the one I came out of the weekend with:

I was nervous about going all in on the North London derby, but surely there are goals there.

 Then came the news about Tevez and Dzeko, and all of a sudden Balotelli (God help us all) looks like a great option, at Rovers.  So out goes RvP, who to be fair was flattered by a 10-man Bolton side, and we shake up the team with the extra money.  

Hutton comes into the defence with Aston Villa having a nice home match against Wigan, and Nasri rounds out the midfield.  Again, Manchester City are at Rovers this weekend.

 But Nasri hasn't really produced saved for his City debut and BFAY, Blog Favourite Ashley Young, is at home to Norwich.  So here's version three, in which I gut the defence to afford him:

What do you think? A, B, or C?


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    You should try to include Nani. That my suggestion..You should try to include Nani. That my suggestion..

  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    How about keeping Ramires since you got him on the cheap... and having Nani instead of Young that way?

  3. jambulani11:38 AM

    how about richards instead of nasri, and replacing him with nani.

    heres my lineup (comments/suggestions pls):

    brown bosingwa richards
    silva SWP cabaye nani delph
    rooney aguero

  4. Anonymous12:06 PM

    i like Welbeck for this week (once we hear more news, of course)

  5. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Jambulani, u cun.t, rooney is injured and wont feature against norwich

  6. Anonymous12:16 PM

    berbatov gonna score huge this week, believe me

  7. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Your third team is very similar to my own. Therefore, I say number 3.

  8. Jeremy,

    Whichever of the 3 options you decide to go with, you have 8 similar players as my main YFF team!!

    Should I be bullish then of week 7????

  9. Cincilatori1:25 PM

    Adebayor or Balotelli out for Welbeck, and it is C all the way ;)

  10. I'm however a little bit worried about not having Nani and RvP....

  11. jambulani1:26 PM

    @anon- im saving him for future matches. tnx

  12. I would avoid Gibbs J he keeps getting rotated with Santos and I get it wrong eah week

    Swp was poor at home v villa but I guess u have him at discount

    Would go with option A but brown instead of gibbs

  13. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Why not sell him at the higher price and buy him back once his value lowers a bit as other players sell him off? I play the official game so I don't know exactly how the transfers work with YFF, but it seems like you should try to get as much value out of him as you can.

  14. Anonymous8:07 PM

    ----------- DDG
    Bosingwa - Brown - Woodgate (it feels like a good weekend against Swansea)
    Silva - Ramires - Cabaye - Nani
    Aguero - Welbeck (with Rooney out) - Ba (discount from last week)

    What do you think? In/Out?

  15. Van der Vaart in all three teams? I would like him in my team but am concerned - If Defoe is healthy does Redknapp keep Adebayor and Defoe up front and if so, is Van der Vaart still a fantasy stud?

    Thanks for your excellent work in general and any thoughts you'd have on Van der Vaart's future fantasy potential.

  16. Anonymous1:18 AM

    van der vaart wont play in the europa cup game and will be very fresh. sure to be the most important spurs player

  17. i like the ashly young , VDV partnership
    but it is highly considerable that A.young will be rested or a substitute or substituted

  18. who will produce more, van der vaart or nani