Vermaelen out for six weeks | News

Vermaelen out for six weeks | News:

Or is this year's Vermaelen last year's Vermaelen for Arsenal? It just doesn't look good for the Gunners right about now does it?

A few strong players come in but two of the better holdovers in Wilshere and Verm are sidelined for a while. It would be interesting to see what this team could do if they were actually healthy.

I'll mention again that it wouldn't be a bad idea to get the "Next Vermaelen" (Vertonghen of Ajax and Belgium) at the next opportunity. He'd certainly be better value than Cahill and has been compared favorably to the man he replaced at Ajax.

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  1. vertonghen is not wenger's fault. just like sakho, they are definitely the two best central defenders not named thiago silva, but they both would not leave. since both of their teams made it to the champions league, both of the players said they wanted to give the coaches, at least one more year. arsenal was vertongen's 1st choice thanks to vermaelen, but sakho has a long list of admirers.

    neal i am curious why you would prefer vertonghen to cahill. they are 2 different players. cahill is showing on the national team that he is worth it. it might not be so bad to have england's centerback, as well as, germany's. i actually preferred samba, just because of how rugged samba's defense can be, but i think wenger saw that samba is limited with the passing game, something, vermaelen, vertongen, cahill and mertesacker know.