Tevez and Dzeko in hot water with Mancini

Exit stage right.

 The news coming out of Manchester City's 0-2 loss to Bayern Munich is explosive.  Evidently, Carlos Tevez refused to come on as a substitute. As a result,
Roberto Mancini tells the post-match press conference that Carlos Tevez will "never, never play for City again".
In addition, it's also being reported on Twitter that Dzeko will also be benched.
It won't get as much coverage but Mancini was "furious" with Edin Dzeko too - "he will sit the next game next to me"
This may be the chance for Adebayor Jo Santa Cruz Bellamy Balotelli to grab the starting striker role against Blackburn.

UPDATE: Evidently, Dzeko had a strop when he was substituted.
Mancini also had strong words for striker Edin Dzeko who also reacted poorly at being a sub.  
“As for Dzeko, if he plays better next time, then maybe he can stay on the pitch.

“If we want to improve to the level of Bayern Munich, some players need to improve their behaviour.

“Dzeko was unhappy but I should be the one who is unhappy after his performance, not Dzeko.

“This is the last time that any player moves his head from side to side like this when they are substituted. You can feel upset inside but keep it inside.”
Video, after the jump.

UPDATE, Part the Second:

''Manchester City can confirm that striker Carlos Tevez has been suspended until further notice for a maximum period of two weeks,'' read a club statement.

''The player's suspension is pending a full review into his alleged conduct during Tuesday evening's 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich. The player will not be considered for selection or take part in training whilst the review is under way.''


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    why is Mancini "furious" with Dzeko?

  2. Grounderz4:21 AM

    I guess you didn't watch the video posted above? He did shake his head in disappointment on the way out upon substitution.