Balotelli 'threw darts from window'

Premier League - Balotelli 'threw darts from window' - Yahoo! Eurosport

This is just incredible.
Manchester City are set to discuss Mario Balotelli's disciplinary issues after the striker was reportedly caught throwing darts from a first floor window.

The People claims that Balotelli lobbed the missiles in the direction of youth team players because he was "bored".

The incident occurred at City's Carrington training complex, and the club said nobody was injured.

However, the volatile striker could still face a fine for his actions, and a club spokesman said: "The matter will be dealt with internally."

God help the greater Manchester area if Bellamy ever returns from his loan spell at Cardiff and hooks up with this nut. At least Barton isn't there any longer. Those three together could initiate a singularity of teh stupid.


  1. Anonymous5:09 AM

    his brain will be expensive if can be sell in the market because clearly he only use it less than 10%..

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    OK...I'm avoiding this guy on principle...too much of a dumba** to partner with hard-working, hard-playing non-dart-throwing team-mates.

  3. Teh stupid, oh teh shame!

  4. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Boring fantasy week so you had to take cheap shots at Mario. If he was the worse behaved person in the world would we have any problems in a country or city in the world.

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM

    @anon: get real dude. Cheap shots? Mario brought this on his own dumbass self. He has absolutely no qualities becoming a professional, not to mention the damage he could have caused if he hit some one in the face. Get over it the guys a waste of talent.

  6. Anonymous11:38 PM

    My fantasy team looks just great.

    Bellamy Cassano

    Barton R.Keane


    Mihajlovic Pepe Materazzi S.Ramos


    Bench: Khan Rooney Totti Cantona Savage Gattuso


  7. ryan you are forgetting diego simeone and cassano

  8. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Ryan lovely team. who's the manager?

  9. Gattuso is a box to box starter...this is some bu**s^%t!!!!