Barn Door Watch

One match for everyone on the schedule right now during the next match week.  Most importantly there are a lot of good teams playing away to not so good teams.  Here's the quick list of the important ones:

  • ManYoo @ WHU - ManYoo aren't great on the road but they should be healthier - I'd be especially interested in value picks Smalling and Valencia and maybe Chicharito depending on how the rotation is looking.
  • Liverpool @ WBA - Good match-up for the Reds meaning Reina, Suarez, Meireles, and Carroll should be on your watch list this weekend as well as a check of the defenders.
  • Chelsea @ Stoke - Finally a weekend where you KNOW you want Luiz and maybe some others as well but Luiz is definitely the bargain to watch.
  • Spurs @ Wigan - Spurs good fantasy players tend to be pretty expensive these days but watching Bale, VDV, Defoe, and maybe Gomes given Wigan's deficiency in the scoring category.
  • Arsenal vs. Rovers - Finally a good team with a home match against a bad team.  If Arsenal were healthier this would be the pick of the litter.  As it is, the most important thing here will be deciding if you want to roll the dice with any of Arsenal's less expensive defenders - especially if they happen to do well this weekend against WBA.
That's what I'll be watching during the Live Chat tomorrow.  Please join us during the games and we'll see if those are things actually worth watching. 


  1. Very interesting match up for the top teams but United look the hardest one against The Hammers who are fighting for survival. We'll see what happen in the next two weeks, internationals are really such a bother

  2. so your recommendations are all defenders, so i will have a 1-6-2-2 for my formation for next week

  3. Downing/lennon OR A.Young/o'hara???

  4. Danyel1:48 AM

    I used to read this blog every saturday morning (only) BUT now with the "barn door" post I have to came back here during the week or even better if I make my team in time, before the price... THANKS "Barn Door Watch"