@jack_wilshere loves his twitter more than his girlfriend.less than a minute ago via web


  1. well if she finds out, he won't have that problem anymore. he will have loads of time to tweet.

  2. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Nealllll!!! Why aren't you writting anything about Manchester United winning and advancing in the cup? If you're such a fair journalist, you'd be writting about Manchester United's triumph just as Arsenal's(if that was the case). BE FAIR!!!

  3. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I think you have to understand Neal or any other YFF bloggers have other life beside football and entertaining all of us with their blog. If you're so up to MU winning the cup or whatsoever, open your own blog, try blogspot.com or wordpress.com.



  4. Meh, anon 12.51 has a point too though DZ... they take every little opportunity here to get a dig in at ManUtd, talk about their bleak future, mediocre squad/midfield, etc etc etc. Yet here United are, still playing for another treble, and here LeArse is, with children running around playing that zomg 'pretty!' football, Barcelona-Light! ...minus, y'know, all the winning. While getting dumped out of yet another competition by none other than hated ManYoo, whose mediocre midfield consisted mainly of defenders yet still got the job done vs crybaby supposed supergenius Wenger. The only reason I didn't post something similar myself is because at least the blog half copped out this time and said they expected to lose anyway... such is Gooner mentality, really. MAN UP, little boys!


  5. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Typical Manyoo fans.

    And you wonder why everyone hates them, when they should be respected because of all the success.

    Neal and Jeremy can write anything they like over here, as far as I'm concerned.

    So as DarkZero put it, go write your own blog, so that you can all talk all day long on the wonder that is Manyoo.

  6. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I'm Anon 12:51(Sammy) and I do understand that J&N can write all they like. In fact, I encourage it! But, to be fair, it is also a football blog...and not a fan base one. Arsenal would be all over the headlines had they won...why can't United get some recognition? Giggsy brought out a very interesting point, which is that Neal is quick to point out Manchester United's frailties when they loose...but not so much recognize the excellent work that the players do. Scholes, Fletcher, Nani, Giggs...not mediocre! They are priceless!!!

    And DZ - I thought J&N got paid to write this column about football, and all teams related to the league, Champs League, Cups? Am I wrong?

  7. Oh bloody hell 12:51. Since when did N&J become journalists?

    They are two guys who help with fantasy football stuff. They aren't paid and haven't been since Yahoo went a little yahoo and changed things up. It's all pro bono work for them just for the hell of it. Even then they would not be referred to as "journalists." (Not a dig on you N&J, I assure you.)

    And yeah, it's nuts United are still atop the league with such a meh/lackluster/depleted squad in the midfield and maybe defensively too. That has been posted about before too and I believe it's credited to management.

    So Neal loves Arsenal, who gives a crap. Let him get excited about his squad and dig in on them when he is frustrated. It's all about his and Jeremy's thoughts and ideas about matters anyways. Wouldn't you get excited about your team if in the same position? Wouldn't you mention your frustrations or excitements?