Schwarzer to Arsenal

Passing the torch?

Mark to spark keeper merry-go-round
Fulham will reportedly move for West Ham's Robert Green if Mark Schwarzer joins Arsenal, with the Hammers tipped to move for Asmir Begovic.

Schwarzer, 37, is expected to complete a switch across London to The Emirates following the end of Australia's World Cup adventure.

The former Middlesbrough custodian will cost the Gunners around £3.5million, according to the News of the World, and the Cottagers will put that fee towards a deal for England blunder keeper Green.
Have we been asleep at the wheel, distracted by the World Cup, or just don't trust the News of the World?

Other than the speculation above, other reports have David James going to Fulham instead of Green.   I'm a big fan of Begovic's and would love to see him get a starting gig.  Of course I would love to see him move to Arsenal and be their starting keeper for 3, rather than Schwarzer for between 9 and 12.  Or maybe Benaglio or some other keeper from outside the Premier League.  Just for fantasy team cost purposes.

However it shakes out, it's certain to make for a more interesting August with lots of dominoes falling.


  1. jeremy,
    i would not feel confident with bergovic between the posts. if arsenal doesn't tighten up the defence, an inexperienced keeper, no matter how good, will look bad. i think that arsenal needs to lean towards akinfeev and lloris both 24. lloris is everyones starlet, and maybe had a brighter future, but doesn't seem to make the spectacular saves that akinfeev does. akinfeev has played great for his team. for the national team he allows a few weak goals or an occasional gaffe, so internationally he isn't as solid. it is just hard to analyze lloris's tendencies and accomplishments, because he is more recent on the scene. i would welcome both.
    arsene wenger has great luck with his players who played in france. if they sign akinfeev, though, it might make arshavin happier and he can finally shut up, with all of his pouty nonsense. i would welcome either one.

  2. I keep hearing that Lloris is the next big thing, but I haven't seen him do much of anything in either the Champions League or the World Cup that would get me excited about him. Maybe one good save against South Africa, but that's about it.

    I <3 Begovic though. He was so good for Portsmouth when given a few games, and did nothing wrong at Stoke. Maybe Stoke will sell Sorenson - better pedigree, older, gaffe prone - and keep Begovic? That would be my approach.

    But I'm not rational about my football crushes.

  3. any chance that arsene wenger can get his hands on any of the german starlets? i know that wenger wants afellay and/or elia from the dutch team, but i would be just as excited with any of the young krauts.