Bloggers of the Round Table - Liverpool Discussion Part 3

Our esteemed blogger panel consisting of The Fantasist, YFF Assistant Manager, YFF Scout, Mohamed Kileeny, and your favorite bloggers from this here site (Jeremy and Neal) continues with our entry from Ses, the YFF Scout.  If you want to catch up on where we've been, you can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

I think Liverpool's woes this season started before they kicked a ball. Selling Alonso has made a big difference to the dynamics of the team. Alonso was a fabulous defensive midfielder with the ability to dictate play that neither Masch or Lucus possess.

Also more importantly for Pool he made Gerrard play. I think without a doubt last season was Gerrard's worst for a decade. I think a TD is a very good shout as Benitez's record in transfer market is poor but personally I don't think the Spaniard will swallow it.

Personally Liverpool are not far from having a top 4 team again. I think they need a decent 2nd/3rd striker to compliment Torres/Kuyt. They need a centre back and finally they need pace in the wings so 4 players should do it.
I hope Liverpool decide their transfer targets before the World Cup. It’s a common knowledge that Fergie and Arsene's transfer policy is NOT to buy players based on tournament play and I hope Benitez does the same.

My final note is on the owners. I don't care which passports they hold, what I care about is how they treat a national treasure such as the Premier League and Liverpool FC. Hicks and Gillette need to put Liverpool first and their personal differences second. I work in Finance and know they bought Pool pre-credit crunch where borrowing money was no problem. This is simply not the case anymore so they have a loan that is more expensive to finance and an asset probably worth less now than when it was purchased. Best solution for all would be a Middle East takeover...

Neal, once again, gets in his two cents
I think Ses is dead with the comment about not overpaying based on performances in big tournaments. I also think he’s dead-on about Hicks and Gillette who weren’t a bad idea at the time of purchase but look MUCH worse in light of the global financial crisis. I think everyone would be willing to overlook their falling out if they still had enough money to buy new players in the transfer market.

OK, on to The Fantasist [AKA Mike] for the professional journalist’s take on the situation…

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