David Silva to Manchester City

Insert mean joke about his breaking the news to Craig Bellamy here.

Manchester City's position as the most powerful spenders in English football was reaffirmed today when they flexed their financial muscle to sign David Silva, the Spain midfielder, for a fee in the region of £25m-30m.

Silva has agreed a four-year contract despite initial reservations about leaving Valencia for a club that had not qualified for the Champions League. The 24-year-old is likely to be followed to Eastlands by Yaya Touré, with City confidently expecting the Barcelona holding midfielder to become the latest signing in a recruitment programme that will almost certainly see them spend more than £100m this summer.

Backed by the enormous wealth of the Abu Dhabi United Group, City have already signed the Germany international Jérôme Boateng from Hamburg for £10.5m and will renew their interest in James Milner of Aston Villa now he has returned from the World Cup.
8 goals and 7 assists in 30 games for Valencia last season. Add to that 27 shots on target and you have the makings of a fantasy bargain.

 +10, and the Citeh machine (at least in the transfer market) just rolls along.


  1. yeah i think my first three players will be boetang, laurent koscielny (arsenal) and silva. laurent had 4 goals and an assist last year for lorient, so maybe he can ride the train that vermaelen came in on last year. since boetang, has got his brother's blood in him, he should be attempting to shoot every ten minutes.

  2. Greginho, what about Chamakh?

  3. as i have said before, which may have been on AM's blog, that chamakh played for awhile in a 4-4-2, with gourcuff feeding him silky passes for goals. he gets a lot of goals with his head too. he is a link up guy, so him and gourcuff and whomever else brought the ball up and continued distributing it. he is very active. he seems like he would be a great fit, but needs to be more deadly, in front of goal, but what striker does that not apply too.
    the problem i have, is that chamakh is going to be pushed out onto a wing. arsenal had last year a 4-3-3 with bendtner or van persie the target and high wingers supporting. this to me is why eduardo is lost on the field, it is also why bendtner was ineffective with van persie out on the field.
    chamakh will have to learn the position, first. that means inconsistent performances for most of the year, then maybe he will pick it up. i don't doubt his talent, but i hate when players are bought and put into new positions, ala ibrahimovic.
    if arsenal go to a 4-4-2, which they had the previous years, chamakh could be gold, but 1 lone point man is chic. one other thing to remember, is that if they go back to the 4-4-2, that is the preferred position for arshavin, so he could go off.

  4. i guess i could have said it in a very shortened version. he will be like anelka. he won't get many fantasy points, as a support.

  5. i think bendtner was ineffective because he's not very good. how about jovanovic at 'Pool? especially with Hodgson in charge now

  6. i am going to wait to see what pool does before picking up any pool players. this team could be drastically different before the start of the season.

  7. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Not sure if his La Liga fantasy page is right (seems to have some errors, late/early season bugs?) but his last price was listed at 15.70 and scored 222.5 points total. I can't recall if I selected him any last season or not while playing.

    Just passing the info a long, thought it might be helpful as reference, maybe not.