More on Landon Donovan's Goal

First Andres Cantor's radio call.

Let me take a moment to recommend Andres Cantor's excellent history of the World Cup, titled - oddly, if not surprisingly - Gooooal!.

And stirring reactions from across the United States.


  1. pretty inspirational stuff for those of us born and bred in the US. i am not a pro-US person for most things. i don't root much for most of the other sports. i feel bad for all of the other countries that we seem to trounce in every other sport.
    just football am i a devout fanatic for the USMNT and women's. seeing all of the support in the US and abroad, put a tear in my eye. i am alone, swimming in the see of brasilians, rooting for america and holland.

  2. One can't help but tear up, Greg. It was a great sports moment.

  3. it wouldn't have been nearly, as awesome, if the US had't been knocking on the door, hitting the post, getting a goal taken away for offsides, getting a goal taken away for a no-foul. it was the build up of all that, that made it so great.

  4. Of course. They don't call moments like that a "climax" for nothing.

  5. i am surprising not feeling very sick to my stomach, after this game. the US needs better finishers. imagine gyan playing for the american team, he gets a goal most every game. how many forwards for the US score goals? because of the early goal, US continue to press and looked the better team, but was taken out by a golosso goal. i am not to sad and my son feels the same way.
    bob bradley, surprisingly didn't do too bad a job. i think he will regret putting in ridardo clark and robbie findley, they are not up to world cup class and it showed. how might the US have regretted not having edson buddle baring down on goal rather than findley.
    maybe this can be the lesson that the US can learn on how to win a game, that you are not the better team. the time wasting, the professional fouls, the packing in 10 players to secure the victory. i was really angry that many times the Ghanian players went to ground and screamed in pain, when replays showed no or minimal contact.
    i think that the US with altidore, bradley, dempsey and donovan can acheive some things. dempsey was so brave again, altidore is menacing

  6. Anonymous8:32 PM

    While I am disappointed that we lost, I am glad that the ref didn't decide this match. I have to say I was more upset/down/sad/etc... about the outcome of the Slovenia game than this loss (After the Slovenia Game, I hadn't been that mad about a sports event since the 2003 NLCS). This loss definitely stings, don't get me wrong, but at least it's not like we had a potential game-winning disallowed.

    We definitely had a shot to beat Ghana, but I was wary of Uruguay, while it definitely, would be possible to win, I doubt we would have. Forlan and Suarez would have shredded us. Sure you can say the draw was favorable, but in reality, as long as it's not in Europe, we should be favored to go far in a World Cup.

    Hopefully in 4 years we can develop some strikers and defenders (we are pretty set with GKs and middies).

    In a weird way, I guess it's fitting that we let in an early goal in ET and that's what finally put the nail in the coffin.


  7. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Loved the Vid, gave me shivers!