Manchester City seal Kolarov deal

City seal Kolarov deal - Yahoo! Eurosport
"He has the ability to play in numerous positions and is very good in midfield," Mancini told the club's official website.

"This is an additional benefit to the team. He has a fantastic international career ahead of him. I first saw Kolarov in his Lazio debut back in 2007. I was impressed by the speed and strength of someone so young.

"I have watched him a lot since then and so have the Manchester City scouts. His attacking capability is very good. He is fast and can shoot with power and accuracy.

"He was composed on the ball, had an excellent delivery with his left foot and was technically very able."
You had me at "midfield".

Busy weekend so missed that this transfer was finalized. Kolarov will be +10. I have no reservations about saying that. The only fantasy teams that won't have him in their line-ups will be those run by die-hard Red Devils who would never consider a player from the blue side of the city.


  1. With Citeh's crowded roster, there is no guarantee of playing time midfield or elsewhere...

  2. Chris O.10:57 AM

    Yeah, IS he an auto-starter given the comments they made to Bridge about keeping him?

  3. Chris O.11:00 AM

    That question is going to keep me away from almost all Citeh players for at least the first few weeks of the season, by the way.

  4. he is in my lineup for sure. i am going to keep him for the first 2 months, then drop him, because, city got CS after CS for the first 2 wmonths, last year, we all had given, bridge, toure, etc. and then they went into the tank.

  5. How is he not guaranteed a starting place every week? his only competition is Wayne Bridge! No offense to Bridge, but hes Wayne Bridge. He is this year's vermaelen no doubt about it.

  6. Anonymous11:03 PM

    I'm beginning to get a little irritated because we still don't have YFF for next season. Anyone know what's going on?