IMPORTANT: New Season Has Started - Bargains Available

UPDATE: Y! has hit reboot and the game now has the proper valuations. You'll have to start over building a team, but at least you'll be doing it for real this time.


I'll make this quick since there is quite possibly a time-sensitivity to this information.  The new season of Yahoo! Fantasy Premier League Football has been opened up.  We look forward to everyone joining in on both the game and all of our fun over here at the blog. 

The most important thing for you all to know is that the prices are a bit crazy right now.  Here are the most obvious bargains if you don't want to search yourself...

1.00 - Friedel, Hart, Given, van der Sar, Defoe, Dempsey, AJ, and others
3.93 - JT, Gerrard
5.35 - Vidic, Verm, Bale
Under 10 - Elk (7 and change), Lamps (8 and change), RvP (8 and change)

Those are just some of the names out there available to you at incredibly cheap prices.  I have written to the guys who run the game at Yahoo because this is potentially setting things up for a very ugly year of fantasy football if some people get in on the low prices and others don't.  I don't know what they'll do about it but my first action was to build the team I wanted with the crazy prices.  You know, just in case.

Plenty of season preview materials to come between now and the start of the season.

Cheers - Neal


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Yep I've just built a superteam and still have 47 mil left!


  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    @Anon - I wouldn't call it sweet, just wouldn't be fair if it stayed like this. Anyways hoping Yahoo! can fix this issue soon but in the meantime the following is my team(with 39.46 left)...


    To change of course as soon as the issue has been solved.


  3. Nice heads up on that Neal. I've built a nice team and saved it. But I'm ok if Yahoo! scraps it and starts over for anyone who didn't get in on the bargains. Yahoo! really is a joke sometimes. They have such a great game yet they run it so poorly.

    I do want to reiterate that the 'yahoo!' that runs the EPL game has no connection to the yahoo! fantasy in the states. Yahoo! fantasy in the states would never mess up like this.

  4. prices do seem to have had a major glitch. While I am sure it will all work out here is my team at the moment

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  6. Hey Neal - what a mess! I'm confident Yahoo will sort this, but at the moment it isn't really a playable game. A "master reset" is the only option really!

  7. Anonymous3:00 PM

    A real mess indeed. I have built a super team just in case Yahoo! doesn't manage to get things right (but they most likely will).

    JT, Bale, Figueroa
    Gerrard, Lampard, Malouda, Nani
    RVP, Rooney, Bent

    But I do hope it gets fixed soon, else the game is destroyed.

  8. Anonymous3:00 PM

    This won't work, will it? What is the point of fielding a starting eleven that you will never want to change because you will never get better prices? Where is the competition in that? Pointless. I hope that they void these prices completely and start again, otherwise I'm looking for a new fantasy game, after five great years playing this one. :-(

  9. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Also, we can laugh at Rob Green = 43.31, VDS = 1.00

  10. Dead Leg United3:15 PM

    There's no point picking up players like Rooney and Bent and Cesc and Arteta now because if/when the prices adjust they won't be going up, at least not by much. Pick up players whose prices are ridiculously low so you have the chance to have them at huge discounts when Yahoo! makes their adjustments.

    That said, I'd bet they just scrap everything and have everyone start with a level playing field in the end. Still, fun to assemble a dream team for now...

  11. I wonder if this has anything to do with Yahoo's decision to outsource the management of the system to Goldman Sachs.

  12. ugh. they better fix this.

  13. Anonymous3:19 PM

    has to be changes or we have to find another game. this is nutz

  14. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I've got Lampard, Gerrard, van Persie, Dempsey, Terry, and STILL with enough left over for Green @ 43.31!

  15. Anonymous5:14 PM

    A total joke
    If they dont start over with wiping the slate clean I'll take my league elsewhere
    Oh and the season doesn't start on the 22nd of May either, unless you're in a parallel universe,(which could explain everything here)of course.


  16. Chris Jones7:16 PM

    By the looks of it, unless you have Blackburn or players from the Mighty Wolves, you aint got jack!

  17. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Robert Green's fantasy price is the funniest thing I've seen since ........Robert Green in goal

  18. my 7 year old son was addicted to the fantasy world cup. he saw me setting up my team and asked what i was doing. i reminded him that i have played this for many years and he has seen my teams many times. he is picking his first premier league fantasy game. i have been playing since its infancy and now my son is going to start at 7 years old.

  19. Kavedas12:34 AM

    Hello Neal ; many many guys didnt like YFF this year and will not play if prices wasn't fix , there is only one way to fix it , reset the game .. i hope you send the guys who run YFF this msg

  20. @Kavedas - Read Neal's last paragraph above on his article which says:

    "I have written to the guys who run the game at Yahoo because this is potentially setting things up for a very ugly year of fantasy football if some people get in on the low prices and others don't."

  21. Anonymous1:05 AM

    yahoo took action by closing the website...i hope yahoo not close it forever :)

  22. Anonymous1:12 AM

    The total reboot appears to be in progress ...

  23. Anonymous2:02 AM


    My team so far is

    VDS @1
    Baines, Dunne, Distin
    Valencia, kranjcar, dempsey, Lampard
    Defoe, Drogba and Mcfadden

    Sadly had to buy Lamps and Drogs at full price.

    have 47 mill left.

    Except for Lamps and Drogs, everyone else stays for the season.

  24. I saw the prices are fixed but still didn't affect what I paid for mine.

  25. Anonymous2:58 AM

    if yahoo will not reset the registered teams then i will keep my dream team for the rest of the season...i'll take this as a gift from yahoo for their loyalty users but the fun never be the same like years before...

  26. Kavedas3:33 AM

    @saul thanks man
    I hope YFF react and clear all teams , i wrote for the customer service , im hoping again ...
    They fix the prices , i hope its not the end

  27. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Those who got in early will be mighty pissed if the teams are reset

  28. Anonymous4:06 AM

    finally...all problem fixed...thanks yahoo

  29. Kavedas4:07 AM


    Thank you YFF
    and the fun just started

  30. Anonymous6:27 AM

    so everyones teams got swiped clean?

  31. Anonymous10:40 AM

    at least now everyone can afford R.GREEN lol

  32. Chris O.1:20 PM

    Yeah, I just wouldn't play Yahoo at all this year if people were allowed to keep those prices. They did come to their senses and reset everyone's team, right?

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