Cesc wants out of Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas is understood to have told Arsene Wenger he wants to leave Arsenal in order to rejoin Barcelona as president Joan Laporta hints at making a bid...

It now appears that the midfielder is ready to ask for permission to join the newly-crowned Primera Liga champions next season and a fee is likely to be in the region of £30-35million...

Laporta also confirmed transfer talks were well underway with Valencia over a deal to bring striker David Villa to Camp Nou.

"We are in the negotiating process and everything is going in the right direction," Laporta added.
I can't wait to get Neal's thoughts on this, though I'm afraid they won't be worthy of publication on a family-friendly website.

For my money, this is a year too early.  Xavi isn't going anywhere just yet.  And while Cesc is the natural heir to that role on that team, he won't want to go to sit behind anyone.  But if I'm Wenger, I forgoe the cash and get Yaya Toure and Zlatan Ibrahimavic in return.  Or Gabriel Milito.  All three?  Losing Cesc would be a huge blow to Arsenal's ambitions, but if he doesn't want to be there he will entually begin hurting the team.  And while Arsenal miss him on the field, they missed Song and Vermaelen more when they were out injured. With Robin van Persie able to be the team's creative hub (or Nasri), and with another capable center forward in Ibra, I think Arsenal would be well served making the swap(s).

But I'll defer to our resident Gooner.  Over to you, Mr. Thurman.


  1. I hope Wenger doesnt get money cause thats going straight to the bank.

    A better deal would be Toure+Pedro+Milito

    but im guessing it will be Toure+Bojan+Marquez

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Ramsey injury is the worst part of this.

  3. i propose a straight swap for xavi, that would be fine in my book. can you imagine how much better everyone on the team would look with xavi running the show.
    i haven't started crying yet, but i was going to have chamakh, van persie, and cesc in my starting team, next year. i want to see arsenal playing barcelona in the final of the champions league next year. maybe henry will still be there and arsenal can take out some revenge.
    bojan and pedro are liked again by barcelona, so it will probably be toure and ibrahimovic coming in reverse. hopefully ibra doesn't pull a berbatov and develop into a skillfull big man that can't score goals

  4. Sort of a sneaky story in that there were no actual quotes in there anywhere that were new or that indicated that the headline was true and that Cesc was going to London to actually ask for a transfer. It said that he was going to London to discuss his future (which seems to happen each summer), and that he wants to move to Barca some day (which he says every summer). Throw in the fact that Barca's midfield is jam-packed with players who would start over Cesc, the fact that the manager hasn't committed to the club for next year, and that Laporta is a lame duck and I honestly don't see anything to worry about here.

    That said, if he were to decide to make a move, I'd think that the suggested price for a young star player with a lot of years left on his contract seems low. Cesc isn't CRon but I don't think he's worth less than half of Ronaldo's price. I'd want the 30 to 35 million PLUS Yaya and maybe one other (but not Ibra, he seems like a jack@ss). Seems unlikely that Bojan would be made available - don't know if Milito would be someone they'd let go

  5. Bojan8:23 AM

    i would sell Cesc for Ibra,Yaya and Miltito... and arsenal would be better this way... but they have to sell EDS and Bender if they do this... and to buy GK

    GK or Almunia

    Sagna Milito Verm Clichy

    Song Diaby


    RVP Arshavin


    this would be great team imo

  6. Bojan8:24 AM

    i forgot Yaya Toure instead of Diaby or Song depends on oponent

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  8. song is only coming out for a rare game, he will now be the most important player, as well as van persie, so diaby gives way to yaya!

    remember last year, when manure let go of christiano, we all thought the world would fall apart for them, but that didn't happen.

    i think that a great pick for his direct replacement should be hernanes from Sao Paulo club. he is a mix between xavi and cesc. he scores a lot of goals, he has plenty of assists, he takes all the free kicks and corners.