Vodafone cuts off Manchester United

Vodafone today ended its £36m shirt sponsorship deal with the club two years earlier than planned.

Flickering of the lights in England (or perhaps Europe) was caused by everyone with half a joke launching Photoshop at once.

Anyone seen any good ones yet?


  1. Does this mean that United won't have any sponsorship on their shirt for the rest of the season?

    Also, do you think it's worth buying Luque (newcastle) this weekend? He's really cheap and will probably be getting loads of points.

    is it worth selling mido to get luque?

  2. strike 1 - he's listed at forward, but plays mostly on the left of midfield.

    strike 2 - his earlier points came from games without solano and emre where he took free kicks. what are the chances that will continue?

    strike 3 - will he start? n'zogbia has been playing well on the left and at forward, is he 3rd choice or 4th?

    So, i would avoid luque. But don't come cryin' when you pass on him and he scores 2!