2 Gamers?

Thanks to an eagle eye in the comments,it's come to our attention that the rescheduled SUN/LIV matchup is next Wednesday.

If Yahoo! gets on the ball and includes this match, do you break the bank for Gerrard? Reach for Morientes? Settle for Crouch? Bet on Whitehead? (I'm assuming that most everyone has Reina already.)

At Manchester City is Liverpool's relatively tough test at the weekend, while Sunderland is home to a struggling Birmingham side who will have two fewer days to rest and prepare for what is sure to be billed as a "relegation 6-pointer".


  1. i am the one without Reina. anyway, i will keep VDS.

    but i might try to get Gerrard.

  2. i'm the one that posted the 2 gamers, but i thought that yahoo weren't including it on purpose!

    if i would have known i Would have bought whitehead, morientes and a few more

  3. Anonymous1:40 AM

    why you buy morientes instead of Cisse?

  4. Well folks, there is still no sign of any 2 gamer week for Liv next week's fixture. What went wrong with Yahoo!?

  5. i really hope they include it in Week 16 and not have a seperate Week 17 for the game as I have packed my team with Liv and Sun players. Its the only way I can climb into the top 200.