Keano Calls For A Clear-Out

"There is talk about putting this right in January and bringing players in," Keane told MUTV according to the Daily Mirror.

"We should be doing the opposite - we should be getting rid of people in January."

So who should go, and where? Some possiblities include:
Alan Smith
He's not going to cut it as a middie. So send him to Aston Villa who desperately need the kind of aggression energy that Smith brings to the table. This would reunite him with DO'L who is "getting the band back together" anyway (Milner, Bakke). And we can end the JPAngel era... not a moment too soon.

Darren Fletcher
Can we convince one of the Old Firm to take him? If he moves back to Scotland we'll never have to hear from him again.

Tim Howard
"Welcome back, Timmy. We at the NY/NJ MetroStars have missed you since you've been gone. Tony Meola? What were we thinking?"

Kieran Richardson
It's better than East Brom!

John O'Shea
Liverpool. They're in desperate need of another crap fullback who can do equally little from the wide midfield role.

Paul Scholes
It's simply time for him to take a Fredo boat ride.

Liam Miller
Whomever buys him will have to do it on faith. I don't think there is any evidence of his actually having played for ManU.

Roy Keane
Sam Allardyce lies in bed at night thinking of this transfer!

Louis Saha
Birmingham City are struggling and could really use a prolific striker. And their trainers are very experienced dealing with a wide range of injuires.

Rio Ferdinand
Has to be Real Madrid, doesn't it? They've already shown their willingness to overpay for former Leeds center backs with questionable disciplinary histories.

Who else?


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    is it a good idea to swap lampard with henry this week? is james beattie a better choice compared to darren bent?

  2. i think so, depends what price you got lamps at.

    but arsenal are playing sunderland (bottom) at home (home stats: played:5, won:5, scored:10, goals against:1)

    whereas lampard is playing united. but that probably means he'll rise to the occasion and be at his best

    im going with henry. i've never been confident about lampard (but i've always been wrong). i reckon, that coz he's a midfielder the points we'll stop coming sooner or later. he can't keep playing like this forever.

    and JS please take off the word verification! it's a waste of time

  3. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Van Nistelrooy

    I never thought I'd see the day when an American would push a legendary striker out the door, but Rossi's day has come and Nistelrooy is just slowing down the nascent run 'n gun offense that's the future of United with Rooney, Park and Ronaldo.

    As for Henry v. Lampard...can't go wrong with either - both should put up fantasy league-leading points this week. however, if you're debating them at similar price points, meaning that you have Lampard at 3 units cheaper than you do now, I believe even though Lampard is not likely to keep this up, he's less of an injury risk than Henry.

  4. Thanks to all for the comments! Keep them coming. In partial answer:

    Did you see what Lille's midfield did to ManU? Now imagine the quality of Lampard taking those shots from 20-30 yards out. I don't think playing ManU at this time is a big negative against Lampard. Might even be to his advantage.

    As for the word verification, I know that it is a pain in the ass, but it works. We were getting hit with comment spam on almost every post before turning it on. Now THAT was a pain in the ass!

    I'll keep Bent, thank you. Every time I think about selling him he nets a double. And since I have no more money for players he's not going anywhere. Nor is Mido, another $6 striker of more questionable value.


  5. Anonymous9:00 AM

    instead of looking at henry or lampard, maybe take a look at some of the other offensive threats on both ars and che. i'm also looking at liverpool - Gerrard in particular. that said, i think i'm going to go with a lineup of rooney, drogba, owen, murphy, emre, kewell, fabregas, del horno, two guys i'm too embarrassed to mention, and reina.

  6. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Hi guys, any thoughts on my team?

    Owen, Bellamy, Henry, Pires, Essien, C.Jensen, Emre, Horno, Josemi, D.Moore, Reina.


  7. Anonymous1:41 AM

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