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Most importantly, congratulations to Jeremy and Laura on the birth of Melanie - may she have a long and happy life in the sunshine of San Diego and may she always be listed as a defender but play striker and take all the kicks.

My review of the last week (and the last thing I'll say about it) - 1) we should have finished our chances better and made the contraversy irrelevant; 2) the penalty was complete BS and I find it hard to believe that Rooney wasn't suspended along with Ruud; 3) the ManU defense is fantastic now that GNeville, Rio and Heinze have played together a bit - probably doesn't matter who the 4th defender is; and 4) Ruud doesn't take nearly enough shit for being a cheapshot artist.

On to the coming week...

Some really nice match-ups for everyone to sink their teeth into. As our new papa pointed out midweek - no one wants to be Southampton traveling to Highbury this weekend - may God have mercy on their souls. Liverpool gets the free pass vs. Blackburn which should mean at least a couple goals and Chelsea get a WBA team that is in disarray after the sacking of their manager. There really isn't much reason to go beyond these three match-ups for the majority of your team this week. Here are some line-up thoughts:


Henry and one of Reyes or Bergkamp, Arsenal - maybe you want to go with all three. I'm going to guess that the scoreline will read at least 3 on Arsenal's side so there should be points aplenty for all.

Cisse or Baros, Liverpool - Baros looked the better of the two last weekend, but Cisse might be a little safer bet as Baros seems less likely to get assists or crosses, etc. Either way, the match-up with Blackbrun is too good to pass up. And yes, our hearts go out to Brad Friedel who doesn't deserve the battering he's taking in the Rovers net.


Downing, Boro - Until further notice, the young Mr. Downing has a spot on my squad. He's scoring key goals, crossing the ball like a champ, and getting some assists. When Boro score a lot, he has a lot of fantasy points, when they don't score a lot, he has a lot of fantasy points. Singlehandedly saved my weekend from being a disaster last week (from the Fanasy EPL perspective anyway).

Lampard, Chelsea - The midfield anchor for every fantasy owner who has top-of-the-table aspirations. I should probably stop writing anything after his name and just assume that everyone knows to include him.

Garcia, Liverpool - Excellent match-up and how about that goal he scored last weekend - a thing of beauty.


Heinze, ManYoo - OK, I learned my lesson, I gave Gabriel stud/do not remove from the squad status and then removed him and missed out on over 10 points. I really need to listen to myself more often.

Jaidi, Bolton - after 3 goals so far this season, he's locked into the squad until further notice.

Ashley Cole, Arsenal - not the greatest year for Ashley offensively this year but with all the goals that are going to come on Saturday - there's a good chance that he'll enjoy a clean sheet and some part of the offensive production.


Cech, Chelsea - He might not have any saves this weekend but pencil him in for a clean sheet and a win.

Kirkland, Liverpool - see Cech above - good match-up with Blackburn unlikely to pose much of a threat on the Liverpool net.

LEHMANN ALERT - seems that the Arsenal netminder is struggling with a tweaked hammy - perhaps from laughing too hard at Sir Alex with pizza on his shirt - regardless, he may not start. If you're confident he will, he's probably a good bet if you don't want to go with Cech or Kirkland.

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